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ROL-automatik company

established in 1994 has many years’ experience of installation of lifting equipment.
Lifts and elevating machines are supplied from leading European manufacturers
Installation is made by skilled technicians at the earliest possible date
Quality of lifts, escalators and accessibility equipment for disabled people are controlled by the service department of our enterprise

All the products we deliver to the market are internationally certified
Lifts and elevating equipment for disabled people are installed by our company throughout Latvia, in Lithuania and Russia
Our work of installation and maintenance of various lifting equipment has numerous positive references from our partners and customers.


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Vertical hydraulic elevator for private homes. Non-standard design, custom fulfillment. Safety details and automatic doors equipment.


The offered elevating platforms with vertical movement (elevators) are intended for equipping of public and manufacturing buildings higher than one floor, for the purpose of their access by disabled persons in wheelchairs and by 

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                  SIA Rol-automatik lift         LV1003 , Ludzas 89b , Riga ,  Latvia     tel. 67553639 ,  67729470 ,  67729571